When ?

February 2015

Where ?

In Paris, in an old warehouse full of history, St. Petersburg street : originally used for steam locomotive repairs, it became a car construction site before being eventually turned into a SNCF staff restaurant.

How many ?

200 attendees I External

What ?

PR evening for SOFERIM customers, to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary and the launch of the building rehabilitation project.

Creation of the general scenography of the evening. Concept, design of spaces, staff’s restaurant specifically reopening for the evening, creation of a lounge room with screens, stage and furniture.

Technical production sound, lights, video, electrical distribution.

Private visit of the guests in the historical building to the beat of a batucada, welcome drink in the illuminated attic, cocktail dinner in the old restaurant were people participated to various culinary workshops, selfie animation “We are SOFERIM” for the creation of a SOFERIM live logo that would be later revealed on stage during the CEO speech, promoter’s latest achievements visual screening, lounge dj set on an Emulator touch table.

© PHOTOS : Cécilia Conan for Signature Events